Teens Creating Apps

By Heydi Medina

ROGERS, ARK. — From problem solving and beginning Computer Science courses to becoming the president of the Computer Science Club, Haas Hall Rogers Senior Ivan Freeman has been able to continue their passion for the coding while also sharing that passion with other scholars. 

The ability to exhibit these talents through competitions and personal projects is the beginning of what the club has to offer; specifically, Freeman has been working on creating their own modification for the game, Risk Of Rain 2 (a survivor in a foreign world), which they are planning on continuing well after their time at Haas Hall into college where they will major in Engineering.

 While pushing other members in the club to continue their own passion projects, Freeman has been able to assist junior Ethan Lising, the Composer for the Computer Science Club, in his own creation of a game called Cheese, a concept that takes after the well-renowned game of “Whack-A-Mole, Freeman explains, but instead with a comical mouse and its dinner. 

In addition, Freeman has also been able to partner up with senior Jaiden Seymour, a member of the Computer Science Club, to create an app that involves cycle tracking and women’s health. Freeman takes on the “block coding” (text based computer commands that are dragged and dropped) side of the app while Seymour carries out the design process and art for the software. 

Seymour states, “Apps such as ‘Flow’ and other similar programs only take part in sharing people’s personal information, lie to those using the app, and are used only to profit without consumers getting to use the entirety of the services described.” 

She is working to create a service living up to the promises that, “Won’t take money, and having the app not connect to the internet is the one of the main focuses as to insure that no personal data is being exposed to anyone but themselves.”

Seymour explains that starting the project alongside her club mates has provided her with “a learning curve” that she is willing to overcome and accomplish.