A Sweet Treat

By Addyson Johnson

ROGERS, ARK. — The downtown atmosphere surrounding Haas Hall Rogers is an aspect of scholars’ day to day lives that have shaped the Haas Hall experience. From businesses like Iron Horse to Onyx, scholars find themselves congregating within these places of business. This year, there is a new business in the mix, and Baked by Kori has taken scholars by storm. 

Scholars found themselves being drawn to the bakery due both to its quaint appearance and efforts made by Kori herself. 

According to scholar Mason Matthews, “Walking to my car, after school one day, earlier this school year, Kori approached me and a few of my friends with coupons for her business.” 

Coupons aren’t the only initiative taken by the business to build a relationship with Haas Hall scholars. 

Ivan Freeman, another senior scholar, encourages their fellow peers to attend, and asserts, “They have their own punch cards for Haas Hall students where after you go 6 times you get a free cookie!”

While these deals and discounts drew scholars in, it was the safe and inviting atmosphere of the bakery itself that has kept them drawn in. 

Freeman stated that, “There’s a pride flag on the wall, so I’d recommend it to anyone in the LGBTQ+ community!” 

The most popular aspect of the bakery, however, is their original and delicious cookies, and scholars like Matthews have made it their mission to try every flavor offered. 

When asked for the motivations behind his choice, Matthews claimed, “It honestly just sounds fun. And really, why shouldn’t we have fun from time to time. It’s harmless, and I look forward to trying a cookie once school’s out.”

Although Freeman doesn’t share Matthew’s same mission, they have tried their fair share of the bakery’s confections. When asked for their favorite flavor, Freeman stated, “I really liked their triple chocolate pecan cookie. The salt on top was a great touch.”

The downtown atmosphere is integral to the Haas Hall Rogers experience, and without it, scholars’ time at Haas Hall wouldn’t be the same.  

According to Matthews, “It was actually businesses like Baked by Kori that brought me here in the first place. I could have gone to another campus, but what settled my decision was the rest of downtown Rogers.”