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Sister Pact

The scholars and staff of Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville cheered as senior swimmers Martina and Luciana Thomas signed their contracts and became committed to highly ranked universities on Nov. 10. Martina Thomas was signed to the United States Naval Academy while Luciana Thomas signed with Notre Dame University. 

Making a Commitment

After swimming competitively for 12 years, Fayetteville senior Corinne DeSpain has parlayed her love for the sport into a commitment to the United States Air Force Academy. DeSpain signed on Nov. 15 surrounded by her sister, parents and coach. 

Getting to the Point

Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville alumnus J.R. Culpepper’s alarm wakes him up at 6:30 a.m. five days a week for practice at 7:30 a.m., signaling the start of his morning routine as a Division I college athlete for Ohio State University’s fencing team.

Showing Dedication

On a rainy Saturday morning, Chloe Hansberger, a Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville junior and soccer player with 12 years of experience, is beginning to lace up her cleats to play a rival team. As she makes her way to the field, she thinks about how much she loves her sport and how much she’s sacrificed to play it. 

Top Of Her Game

After years of hard work, Haas Hall Academy senior Vanessa Salinas earned the title of girls’ singles champion at the 3A state tennis competition. Salinas has been a long-time tennis standout. She began her tennis career at 7 years old, looking for a competitive, athletic activity. Ever since, Salinas has devoted her extracurricular time to developing her impressive tennis skills.

Causing A Racquet

Haas Hall Academy Bentonville’s tennis players, with their determination, commitment to rigorous practice schedules and raw talent, never fail to represent their school well at tournaments and competitions. 

Stepping Up

This year, seniors Andy Popp and Jack Rossi took charge of the Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville cross country team, working to lead the team through another great year of running. However, a lot of extra weight fell on their shoulders, as they had to navigate one of the most interesting scenarios faced by a Haas Hall program yet — this year the cross country team was left with no coach.

No Horsing Around

Haas Hall Academy scholars Lulu Lawson and Gwyneth Baggett arose before dawn Sept. 9 to prepare their horses for a competition. Baggett, a Haas Hall Rogers eighth-grader, said she is confident in the abilities of her equine friend, Renzi, which apparently has an interesting past.

A Lasting Legacy

Iconic coach Frank Broyles, who died on Aug. 14 at age 92, left behind an illustrious legacy. He won a college football National Championship, built three new sporting facilities and even earned a place in the College Football Hall of Fame. However, Broyles’ legacy will best be remembered not by the accolades or the tangible remains of a successful career, but by the millions of people he impacted.