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Testing the Teachers

The new Haas Hall Rogers Junior High Quiz Bowl team gathered in a group huddle in the cafeteria after school planning their strategy against a new kind of competition — one that pitted them against their teachers. Scholars and faculty participated in the trivia game as a fundraiser for Junior High Quiz Bowl on Oct. 18. The main event was a Quiz Bowl match, in which one team was comprised solely of Rogers faculty members and the other of Junior High Quiz Bowl members.

Texting While Driving: A Dangerous Epidemic

When Liz Marks was 17 years old, she crashed into a truck while texting and driving. On April 17, 2012, according to the Daily Mail, Marks was airlifted to the intensive care unit where she underwent several surgeries. Marks now is blind in her left eye, but she also cannot smell, hear well or fall asleep naturally. The most critical side effect to Marks, however, was the loss of all of her friends.   

A Time for Celebration

The Rogers community celebrated the recent renovation of a historic building in the downtown area into a modern, college preparatory school at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the latest addition to the Haas Hall district Sept. 19, 2017.  

Tastefully Done

At 5 a.m., few cars can be found in downtown Rogers. The streets are empty and parking lots are vacant except a silver Jeep Wrangler. The lone vehicle indicates the presence of two members of the Rogers Haas Hall community who are often the first ones in the building — the Haas Hall Academy chefs.

The Need to Preserve History

So, why is it necessary to preserve historic sites? Is it because they often add to the property value of the lots that surround them? Is it because they link us to our past? Or is it something altogether different? Possibly the need for tangible evidence of our shared heritage—that we were not the first ones here and will not be the last.