The First of Many

Haas Hall Rogers hosts fundraiser to benefit its new library


Staff Writers

Haas Hall Academy Rogers scholars and their families dressed as superheroes and gathered at the historic campus to attend the first of many library fundraisers.

Delinda Stout, a scholar’s guardian who is helping organize the library, was one of many who participated in Family Fun Night on Oct. 27. The entrance fee was new books to fill its library shelves.

“I had anticipated the outcome of our first book fair to be outstanding,” Stout said. “We have such great support in the community that I suspected three or more donations would be made by businesses and citizens not related to Haas Hall.”

The Haas Hall Rogers library will be open to scholar use next semester, but book drive efforts are already going strong. The library should benefit scholars by encouraging literacy and creativity and by providing important resources, such as the school’s required reading for all grades from the Haas Hall English department’s reading list and research material for other projects. Eventually, the library will house a wide range of books capable of satisfying its scholars’ diverse interests.

Scholars who attended the Family Fun Night brought a book to pay the suggested entrance fee, and then indulged in the many fun activities hosted by their campus, including a medical mystery, brain teaser, photo booth, best pumpkin competition and 50/50 raffle. By the end of the night, scholars and their families had filled a large bin in the lobby with their book donations.

The library was once an empty room on the third floor, but it is now occupied by bookshelves donated by a Haas Hall parent, and other scholars, faculty and parents are working to provide the new library with books. In addition, Barnes & Noble hosted a book fair on Dec. 3, that allowed any of its customers, whether they be Haas Hall scholars or not, to purchase a book and donate it to the Rogers campus.

Stout said that the Parent Faculty Council is working to improve the library by making it easier and more effective for students to use.

“The PFC is trying to obtain access to the online checkout app, add additional books and resource materials, buy a label maker for labeling the books and provide the library with a scanner, which may be included with the app,” Stout said. “We will try to address student needs as they arise.”

Eight-grader Meera Arunkumar said she looks forward to the future library. Among other benefits the library will provide, Arunkumar said it will make studying more efficient and less costly.

“It’s hard to find time to go to the Rogers Public Library, so it’s good to have one in the school where you can go to check out books,” Arunkumar said. “Also, now students won’t have to purchase new books.”

Haas Hall faculty are also excited about the addition and the convenience it will offer.

“I’m really excited about having a library,” English teacher Maaika Smith said. “I think it’s going to help our scholars a lot because it’s going to supply them with the books that they already need and it will provide a place where they can trade and add books.”

Paige Hance, the president of the PFC, said she had expected to collect many books at the Family Fun Night hosted by Haas Hall Rogers. Hance said she looked forward to more scholar socials, as well. She said there will be more events in the future with the goal of “providing scholars and other attendees with the opportunity to contribute to the future library.”

Seventh-grader Noah Benedict said he and others are looking forward to the new library, which should provide them with the opportunity to discover new books and series.

“The library will give everyone the opportunity to find and read incredible books, even some they haven’t heard of before,” Benedict said.

Seventh-grader Gabriela DuQuesne plays with a balloon during a Family Fun Night on Oct. 27. The superhero-themed event was part of a fundraiser for the new Haas Hall library in Rogers.