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Haas Hall Academy campuses crown kings, queens at homecoming ceremonies


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FAYETTEVILLE — As with all homecomings, Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville’s was one filled with school spirit, teamwork and camaraderie. At this year’s homecoming, Haas Hall Academy played against Greenland High School. Perhaps the most quintessential part of homecoming, however, is the court. Seniors Owen Young and Casey Wong were crowned king and queen for the Fayetteville campus. 

“My heart started hammering, and I got all shaky but close enough to see Owen’s smiling face, and I felt a little less panicked,” Wong said.  

She was referring to the moment she was crowned and the solace she took in her fellow homecoming winner. 

The other senior representatives were Emma Kate Henry, Sarah Sadiq, Jordan Cousar, Nick Miller, Rhett Owen and Javian Walter. 

As per tradition, the remaining ladies on court were escorted by Mastiff basketball players. Freshmen Lily DeSpain and Kate Terminella walked with Alex Collyge and Parker Owen. Sophomores Lily Henry and Amena Soliman were accompanied by Jackson Wisdom and Kade Rogerson. Juniors Cate Mertins and Lillian Taylor were escorted by Jake Webb and Thomas Leonard.  

Once these festivities finished, many members of the homecoming court had to change from formal attire to cheer and basketball uniforms, for the Mastiff boy’s game was about to begin. During the game, the blue and gold enshrouded crowd cheered and booed for good plays, fouls and questionable calls. The final score was 49-30, a loss for Haas Hall. 

“I love my team with all my heart even through tough times. They get me through what I thought I couldn’t,” freshman starter Kate Terminella said. 

Immediately following the boys’ game, the Lady Mastiffs played. The same crowd enthusiasm motivated the players. Ultimately, the game proved another loss for Haas Hall Academy with a score of 60-22. 

The next day, on Dec. 2, the homecoming dance was held; it was the first one to invite all four campuses and be at the UARK Bowl. 

“I enjoyed (the music). As long as there’s a good base beat, I have a good time,” senior Bayleigh Greene said.  

The DJ, senior Nathan Friede, got the crowd fired up with his music choice and dancing. The partygoers were so disappointed when the dance ended that they booed. 

“This homecoming was very different from any homecomings before because we had a new location, were using a scholar DJ for the first time, it was earlier in the school year, we had two more campuses to host, and it was the first time Caroline Dastugue and I had seen the financial aspect of homecoming,” senior and homecoming committee chair Laurel McCabe said. “It was difficult for us in the beginning to gauge what we needed to spend on things, but eventually we came up with a plan. I loved the way homecoming turned out.”



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ROGERS — On Dec. 5, the Haas Hall Rogers campus held the inaugural crowning of their homecoming king and queen. 

Grayson Gomulka, homecoming queen, was crowned by her grandfather L.D. Barnes.

“I felt happy to be the first ever homecoming queen at the Rogers Haas Hall Academy,” Gomulka said.

Homecoming king Thomas Mallette said that he was also pleased to accept the unexpected honor.

“I was a bit surprised,” Mallette said. “I’m a generally friendly person, but I didn’t really think I was liked this much around the school.”

The Rogers campus held the ceremony in the main dining hall, where the homecoming king and queen were crowned and the freshman and sophomore courts were introduced. The Master of Ceremonies, Whitney Coker, introduced the scholars one by one as they paraded into the room.

The sophomore homecoming court was composed of Maggie Dietle, Alex Sumrall, Joe Barcenilla and Brendan Welch.

“It was fun to find out I would be on court, but it was especially exciting to find out my friends would be on it with me,” Sumrall said.

The freshman homecoming court consisted of Katia Rowland, Annabell Sandoval, Zach Tannahill and Cooper Holum.

“I think it’s pretty special to be one of the scholars who got chosen to be homecoming court and I am very proud of myself,” Holum said.

As the homecoming crowning concluded, math teacher and choir director David Conaway led the crowd of scholars in Christmas carols.

“Our scholars joined in and really sounded great,” Conaway said. “I think it brought the scholars together and provided a respite from the vigor of our studies.”

Photo by ANNA HALL
Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville senior Casey Wong reacts after being announced homecoming queen. Homecoming king Owen Young, left, cheers Wong on at Fayetteville’s homecoming on Dec. 1.
Journalism scholar Emma Ronck, left, interviews Thomas Mallette and Grayson Gomulka, the 2017 homecoming king and queen at Haas Hall Academy Rogers on Dec. 5.
Scholars David Carbajal, left, and Alicia Nguyen represent the Homecoming Court for Springdale’s 10th grade.
Scholars Caleb Garner, left, and Gracie Hatch represent the Homecoming Court for Springdale’s ninth grade.