‘Logan Lucky’ A Fun, Fast-Paced Summer Romp


Staff Writer

     “Logan Lucky,” directed by Steven Soderbergh, is a comedic heist film about Jimmy Logan, a star football player turned construction worker after an injury derails his career. After he is laid off from his construction job, he finds out that his ex-wife Bobbie Jo and her new husband are moving out of town, dragging along his daughter and making it harder for him to visit her. After visiting his brother Clyde, a one-armed war veteran, Jimmy formulates a plan to steal money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway vault and use it to buy a house closer to his daughter.

     One of the best aspects of the film is the quirky characters. Jimmy Logan appears to be a regular blue-collar man, but there is a quiet intelligence to him that viewers find intriguing. His brother, Clyde, is the more cautious of the two, and he demonstrates an admirable loyalty to his brother. He feels Jimmy will be able to pull off the heist and agrees to help for this reason.

     The side characters are arguably even more entertaining. Joe Bang, an expert safecracker hired by Jimmy and Clyde, cracks jokes throughout the movie, though he is comically serious when his job is the subject of conversation. In one of the funniest sequences in the film, he explains how he is able to make an explosive out of gummy bears, bleach and a dietary salt substitute in the most scientific way possible. 

     Jimmy also hires Joe’s brothers Sam and Fish, who at first seem to be your stereotypical country hicks. They turn out to be surprisingly virtuous people, only agreeing to help with the heist after Jimmy explains his reasons.

     The movie unfolds at a nice pace. While the film is about two hours, it feels almost half as long. The many scenes in the movie are timed well, and none of them outstay their welcome. From beginning to end, the movie maintains this quick pace, keeping the audience invested.

     “Logan Lucky” is relatively unambitious in a way most viewers find enjoyable. It is a simple movie, avoiding unnecessary complications. No evil organization is set up, no big baddie barges in to ruin the heist. The closest thing this movie has to a villain is time itself, for Jimmy and his team only have so long before Speedway security catches on to their plottings. Several close calls help to build the suspense, though it is never overdone.

     During a summer full of sequels and reboots, it’s refreshing to watch a movie as straightforward and fun as this one. Full of great characters and sporting a quick pace, “Logan Lucky” is an extremely fun movie for a wide group of people.