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Haas Hall Fayetteville hosts third annual Mastiff Invitational

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Haas Hall Academy is strong when it comes to Quiz Bowl, so when a competition hosted by Haas Hall Fayetteville pitted Haas Hall Bentonville against Haas Hall Springdale, it seemed that fierce competition must ensue. The third annual Mastiff Invitational was held at the Fayetteville campus on Oct. 7. 

For months prior, Haas Hall Fayetteville Quiz Bowlers tirelessly prepared. The Fayetteville scholars wrote every question, invited teams, structured the event and found volunteers. 

“I pretty much lived in a state between life and death for three weeks trying to prepare,” senior and Fayetteville team captain Aubin Payne said. 

Fayetteville team members provided breakfast and volunteered their time to help run the tournament. 

Haas Hall Fayetteville has hosted this invitational for three years now,” senior and Fayetteville team manager  Corinne DeSpain said. “Organizing the tournament definitely poses challenges, the most important being compiling questions into games. The whole team collaborated on the questions, so it was easier for everyone. Luckily, once that’s done, it’s smooth sailing. It’s gratifying to see all our hard work accumulate into this fun event.

Both Haas Hall Bentonville and Springdale participated in the tournament with Bentonville placing fourth overall out of 12 schools. 

“The Quiz Bowl tournament was definitely a great start for our team,” Bentonville captain D.J. Quezada said. “We held our own throughout the competition and learned a great deal about where we stand on preparedness and cohesion as a team. I’m very proud of how we did and look forward to the season ahead.”     

“You can always tell how an invitational tournament is going simply by checking the schedule and seeing where you are in relation to it at any given moment. Issues with moderators, questions or procedures lead to challenges, and challenges lead to delays.  The Mastiff Invitational was hours ahead of schedule,” Haas Hall Bentonville’s coach Simon Gooch said.  

The tournament ended when Fayetteville High School beat Conway High School 270 to 215 in the final. 

This Mastiff Invitational was the first Haas Hall tournament that the newly formed Springdale team has attended. 

“It’s a lot of fun to be in Quiz Bowl, but it’s also very tense because you want to know the answer — and you do know the answer most of the time -— but you sometimes just can’t think of it in time,” said Springdale freshman Rory Lawless, who’s on the senior team. “There are a lot of deep internal sighs when that happens.” 

“The tournament was a radical success,” Fayetteville Haas Hall Quiz Bowl member Seylor Cluck said. “Though it didn’t go without the hard work of our team, our coach, our captain and the many volunteers that helped out, the 2017 Mastiff Invitational was our best one yet.” 

Photo by ZOE CHING
Freshman Rayahn Sharif plays for Haas Hall Bentonville at the Mastiff Invitational.
Photo by ZOE CHING
From left, Haas Hall Academy Bentonville scholars D.J. Quezada, Claire Fraser and Duncan Wilkie celebrate a successful bonus round during the Mastiff Invitational.
Photo by ZOE CHING
Haas Hall Fayetteville senior Sai Sirigineedi keeps score at the Mastiff Invitational held Oct. 7 in Fayetteville.
Phots by ZOE CHING
From left: Zack Winters, Gracie Hatch and Rory Lawless, Haas Hall Springdale ninth graders, debate which topic they should choose for the lightning round of the first game at the Mastiff Invitational.