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Creative Edge

Mollie Nichols, a junior at Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville, entered the Congressional Art Competition in the spring and won first place. She was one of 435 students to win the competition at the district level, which has received more than 650,000 entries since 1982. Last semester, she drew the winning piece in her personal sketchbook, which she later named “Bradfruit Pear.”

Memory Lane

Virginia Rand Smith, 96, visited the Lane Hotel on Oct. 19 to admire the building’s restoration and conversion into a Haas Hall campus. Smith said the building is important to her and contains many memories, and she and her family — especially her daughter, Laura Puryear — had feared it would be demolished as it fell further into disrepair over the years.

Staying Composed

Last year, the halls of the Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville campus rang with his renditions of classic musicals and plays, each a hand-picked gem. This year, the halls resonate with smooth melodies as he masterfully plays the campus piano. Senior Javian Walter is the scholar at the heart of these iconic performances.

Tastefully Done

At 5 a.m., few cars can be found in downtown Rogers. The streets are empty and parking lots are vacant except a silver Jeep Wrangler. The lone vehicle indicates the presence of two members of the Rogers Haas Hall community who are often the first ones in the building — the Haas Hall Academy chefs.

A New Appeal

For Rachael Schaefer, the president of the Mandarin Club, learning Mandarin contributes to an understanding of other cultures and a heightened ability to express herself. She said it also helps give her a competitive edge that others don’t possess.