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A Life in a Year

The old cliché “broaden your horizons” typically refers to trying out a new hobby, not moving halfway across the globe. However, for Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville junior Samantha Giudice, who is spending the next 10 months studying in southern Taiwan, that is not the case. 

Showing Dedication

On a rainy Saturday morning, Chloe Hansberger, a Haas Hall Academy Fayetteville junior and soccer player with 12 years of experience, is beginning to lace up her cleats to play a rival team. As she makes her way to the field, she thinks about how much she loves her sport and how much she’s sacrificed to play it. 

Firsthand Account

On March 22, 1933, the first Nazi concentration camp, Dachau, was authorized, triggering the worst genocide in modern history—the Holocaust—which ultimately sentenced 17 million innocent people to death and shattered political and emotional ties both in Europe and around the world. Today, 84 years later, the aftershocks are still potent and far-reaching. Many historians believe that due to the horrific nature of the Holocaust, it is necessary for present-day students, despite the many years that have passed, to gain a thorough understanding of these atrocious events.

Five Do-Or-Die Scary Movies

To many, October brings to mind thoughts of pumpkin spice, caramel apples, falling leaves and thick sweaters. For most, it is a time for apple cider and hay bales and scarecrows. However, to others, the chilly air brings along something more sinister.