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Making a Commitment

After swimming competitively for 12 years, Fayetteville senior Corinne DeSpain has parlayed her love for the sport into a commitment to the United States Air Force Academy. DeSpain signed on Nov. 15 surrounded by her sister, parents and coach. 

Caroline’s Chronicles

The word fashion is rarely synonymous with words like compelling and intelligent; instead, it is more often associated with frivolous or shallow. However, a common definition of art is something that adheres to an aesthetic criterion. Any fashion show would certainly fit into this category with a major emphasis on all things beautiful. Yet, clearly there is a difference between Michelangelo’s “Pietà” and Rihanna’s recent BMX-inspired Fenty x Puma show. So where do we draw the line between art and fashion?

A Lasting Legacy

Iconic coach Frank Broyles, who died on Aug. 14 at age 92, left behind an illustrious legacy. He won a college football National Championship, built three new sporting facilities and even earned a place in the College Football Hall of Fame. However, Broyles’ legacy will best be remembered not by the accolades or the tangible remains of a successful career, but by the millions of people he impacted.

The Election Process

As national news coverage centered on presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, at Haas Hall Academy, the critical question was who would win Scholar Council elections. Memes printed on colorful campaign posters lined the walls, as well-dressed candidates with clenched smiles and pockets of candy worked to gain votes.